How to use the Juiced IO Discord

In this article, we're going to be showing you how to use our discord. If you aren't sure how to access our discord, please read the "Getting started" email we sent you when you first joined.

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The welcome channel is the first channel you will see when you go to our discord server. In the #welcome channel, you will have our rules, videos, commands and links for our tools. You have access to them for free as a member.


This channel will allow you to receive the notifications you want by clicking on the matching emoji. For example, if you want to be notified of each giveaway, just click on the :tada: emoji. If you did it correctly, the background should turn to a blue color.


This channel works the same way as  #🔔-notifications. Just click on your region and you will be notified when there are items in your region. Please note that if you do not select at least 1 region you won't be able to see anything so make sure this channel has been set up before anything else. 


This is the most important channel for you when you need help from us. Just click on the :incoming_envelope:emoji. It will turn blue then black again, once that happens, scroll to the top of the server and you should see a ticket with your name on it. Once you click it, the ticket will look something like this:


From here, just provide what you need help with and our expert support team will help you with anything.

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Releases consist of multiple different channels dedicated to specific upcoming products that have resell value. These channels will provide you with different links, dates, and helpful information on each release.



  • Category "Important ⚠"


This is another very important channel because everything related to Juiced will be sent here such as new features, partnerships, and more. Bot rentals, proxies, and Nike accounts will drop there. 


This gives you a weekly view of releases to let you prepare for drops and partnerships within Juiced.


This is a channel where you can interact with other members, talk about everything reselling-related.



Success is a picture channel. When you make a profit or do something your proud of, you can post a picture that shows off your successes.


This is a virtual place to sell and buy items from other users. Before buying, be sure that everything is legit checked and not fake, you can do this by opening a support ticket (instructions above).


This channel is a is made for you to use our Discord bots. Using our discord bots you can check fees on different shoes, get download links for the most famous bots, adds 20 views to your eBay listings and much more! For a full list of commands that you can use, go to the #👋-welcome channel.


  • Category "Fashion 👟"


This channel is for viewing the latest sneaker releases and drops.


This channel is for viewing the latest streetwear drops and profitable clothing items.



This channel is for viewing profitable bags. This usually consists of Women's bags that are in high demand.


This channel is for viewing hats that have high demand, usually snapbacks.


  • Category "Collectibles 🧸"


This channel is for viewing profitable art pieces.



This channel is for viewing profitable cards including but not limited to sports cards and pokemon cards.


This channel is for viewing profitable toys such as Bearbrick, Action figures, and more.


This channel is for viewing profitable comic books.


  • Category "Electronics 🎮"


This channel is for viewing profitable video gaming related items such as gaming consoles, disks and more.


This channel is for viewing profitable computer-related items such as GPUs and other computer parts.


This channel is for viewing profitable vinyl


  • Category "Home & garden 🛋"


This channel is for viewing profitable paddling pools and other aqua-related garden items that can be resold.


This channel is for viewing profitable furniture, primarily garden furniture is posted here but we also post indoor items that can be resold.


  • Category "Other 💾"


This channel is for viewing profitable nfts. Nfts also known as non-fungible tokens are digital items that can be resold for a lot of money.

  • Category "Monitors"

First of all, a monitor is a tool used by our discord to "scan" a website, it will then pick up the item you are looking for (mostly during a drop time) and it sends everything restocking from that specific website in the matching channel.

For example, you are looking for an Xbox wireless controller, dropping randomly on


The monitor will send this in the channel so you can click on the first link to have access to the product page. Under it, you have the price and how much stock the product has. Then, there are links for Add To Cart (ATC) in the size you want, displayed there. Monitors are very powerful because you can link it to bots, so you don't have to manually enter links, but also for manual coppers, who can click on the links to try to grab a pair.


  • Recap

We've tried to explain everything as much as possible to make it easy for you. If you have any questions, feel free to open a ticket and ask your question, we are happy to help you! 

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