How to use the Juiced IO Autofill

Hi! Today, you will learn how to properly set up and use our autofill. It's very easy. All you need is to download and use Google Chrome since it's a Chrome Extension. Let's get it!

First of all, you will have to download the autofill from Juiced. Just go to the #welcome channel, in the "Juiced" section and scroll a little bit. You should find this file, click on the link:



You will have a .zip folder, like this :



Then, go on chrome, at chrome://extensions/
It's very important to use this link. It will be easier for you if you copy/paste the link above than searching in the Chrome setting. 

Warning: MAKE SURE TO ENABLE THE DEVELOPER MODE !!! (like the picture below)



After doing this, simply drag the zip file in there. You should have something like this screenshot.

dragzip.PNGTo have it in your extension bar, click on the puzzle icon : puzzle.PNG

Scroll to find this and click on the pin : pin.PNG

It should now appear in the extension bar:juicedpin.PNG!

Congrats! You have Juiced on your Chrome :)



Now, let's focus on how to use it. By clicking on the extension, you will have to log in with Discord, so be sure you aren't using another account on your web Discord.



Here you go! You can here enter your information.



Right there, you can check your profiles with the first button, generate a random profile with the second one, add a profile with the third one and delete a profile with the last one.



The "Payment Details" section needs you to enter your credit card information for the autofill.



The "DIY" section will allow you to enter your own "scripts", I can't give you a full detailed list if you are a beginner, but open a ticket and ping Walle or me if you need more information about it.


Group Name:
Name you want for the DIY Group
URL Keywords: URL Domain of the site you want the DIY to work on (i.e., do not use
Type: Click will automatically click a button, Input will automatically fill in the values for that input box. Delay will wait for the Input Value amount of milliseconds
Field Keywords: HTML attributes (like +search_box if an HTML element had an id='search_box')
Input Value: Value you want to be inputted when using the input type
Enabled/Disabled: Disable or enable the DIY
Clear Rows: Clear the DIY options in a group
Add Rows: Add more DIY options in a group

ATC only works on the product page so you must be on the product that you want in order for it works Keywords - Keywords are used to ensure that you ATC the correct product when you are on the product page
Size - Luisaviaroma ATC will select USA size, so whatever you put in the size field needs to be US size - it will convert internally even if there isn't a US size available
ATC works either on the category pages or the product page itself, it does not work on the “all” category. If you are using the extension at drop time, refresh the site once the product is live, the extension will automatically cart and checkout if you have those options enabled.
Keywords - Use + and - keywords for the product that you want carted. For example, if you want a box logo, you can use +box,+logo and once the product is live, it’ll automatically cart if you refresh and the product is live.
Size - Type the size that you want carted (If you want a size small, type “small”)
Keywords - Keywords are used to ensure that you ATC the correct product when you are on the product page
Size - Type the size that you want to be carted, exactly as it appears on the site

The "Add To Cart" section works for Luisaviaroma, Shopify websites, Supreme and Zalando. Here, you can input keywords so the autofill will also look after products having those keywords. It works like a bot.





Last but not least, the "Settings" section. You can enter your webhook, so you will be notified in case you hit something. You can Enable or Disable the autofill and ACO part, in case you miss clicked and don't want the tool to check out something you don't want. The ACO delay is very powerful on Supreme for example, where they detect how much time you checkout, so giving some delay can be useful.



That's all about our autofill. If you need anything else, please let me know by opening a ticket and tell us that you have a problem with it!


Need any further help? Contact us.

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