I can't access to the Discord, but I've paid

You just bought a membership to join us, but you can't access our Discord? Here are some solutions for you!


The first solution is to hit the "Join Discord" button on your dashboard, at https://www.juicedio.com/dashboard


If this does not fix your problem. Here's a list to help you:

  • Join button isn't working
    FIX:  Send us a message through our socials and we will help you out.
  • The button tells me that I have to be logged in to my account
    FIX: Make sure you aren't logged in to another Discord account on the web version.
  • I'm in, but I can't see any channels
    FIX: React with the emojis in the #region section first (check the "How to use JuicedIO Discord")
  • I can't see the JuicedIO server in Discord
    FIX: Check if the Juiced icon isn't hidden in a folder

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