How to use the Juiced IO dashboard

Today we will explain how to understand and use the dashboard as much as possible. Let's get it!

First of all, to have access to your dashboard, you need to go on your favorite Internet browser and enter this link: 


Then, the BIG part is coming. What is on our dashboard? Here are the explanations!


The picture you are seeing above is the dashboard when you will go on it the first time. There's a lot of sections that we will explain to you now.


The first part is the "Account" section. So right there, there is your Discord name and tag (DiscordName#tag) and which type of license you have (Renewal or Lifetime). The same goes for Stripe ID. "Renews on" is the date that it will charge you for another month (for Renewal members only) and "Activated At" is the date you first activate your membership. 
The four buttons are here made to join our discord, update your payment method, cancel your subscription, and logout (in this order).


In this section, there are all our partners. We have monthly groupbuys with the three of them and we ping you before each groupbuy, so you don't miss it! 



"Reminders" is here for you to ping you for each release, event and, also guides. That can be useful for beginners who have never been in a cookgroup or never heard about the reselling world.


Here, you have the "Downloads" section. The only working download is Chrome autofill, but if the link isn't working on the dashboard, just go in our Discord and you can download it in #welcome!


The second category is the "Videos" one. You need to check this if you don't understand a single word we are saying in the Discord. It's very useful, even for experienced resellers since there is always new stuff to discover. In parallel with those guides, our team is posting a lot of videos for you guys since it's easier to watch than reading a ton of lines. 


Finally, our "shop" category. This is made for bot rentals every Tuesday at 5PM EST. There are such nice bots (Cybersole, SoleAIO...) and also Accounts / Proxies dropping there. The link and password are posted in #giveaway right before the drop. We sometimes have issues with sending keys, so please don't be rude towards our staff team!


This is the "server" section. You shouldn't care too much about it since you have a button on the dashboard to join us. 

The other sections aren't covered anymore because the incoming app will cover it and everything will be easier for you. 

So we covered all the functions of the dashboard, it's now something you can't miss! Anyways, if you didn't understand something or need more details, feel free to open a ticket in our Discord!

Need any further help? Contact us.



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