My payment failed when attempting to signup

You tried to join, but your payment failed? Here are the main reasons.


Here's the interface you have when you click on checkout. If you have errors, please check the following list :

  • The payment method isn't supported
    FIX: Check if you are using a Visa card, a Mastercard or Maestro card, an AmricanExpress card, or a CB card. We don't support Paypal or any other method (our payment provider is Stripe)

  • The payment was declined
    FIX: Check on your card's balance if there's more than 40$/30£/35€. If you have less, that's why you have a declined payment. 

  • I have enough money on my balance and my card is supported, but the payment is still declined
    FIX: In that case, try with another card. Or call your bank to see with them if you have a limit on your card.


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