How do I make money using JuicedIO?

You don't know how to make money using our services? Let us help you with this very useful guide.

It will be composed of three parts:
• I/ What are the moneymaking sources covered by JuicedIO?
• II/ How to use our tools in order to purchase products with them?
• III/ How to sell and make a good profit? 

I/ What are the moneymaking sources covered by JuicedIO?

Let's start this guide with this question: "I joined Juiced but I don't know how I can make money, is it hard?". The answer is easy to answer: we offer a lot of opportunities for you to earn money. I will give you there every section we are covering.

Firstly, the sneaker and clothing stuff. It's one of the easiest ways for you to make money. 

Here's a template of each release we are covering. For this guide, I've blurred information to avoid leaks. There will be a channel for each release, so you can see if you want to go for this or no. It's kinda the same for Supreme (available in the #supreme channel) : 

#clothing channel regroups these items, there's a lot of interesting drops so don't mute this channel if you plan to buy a lot. #accessories are the profitable items such as bags we are finding for you. 

Then, there's the bot flipping category, in #software 
This is another important section if your capital is big (I would recommend at least 2500$, but 5000$ will be good enough). Bot flipping is an easy way to make a lot of money, but be sure about what you are doing since you spend a lot of money on bots, and most of the time, the hold time is about 3 or 6 months, so you will need to be sure you don't lose money (rent them if you can during this hold time, to use it to buy some pairs). But this is a nice way to make money, but not the fastest.

Then, you have the Collectibles section. It regroups #art, #technology, #cards, #toys, #coins, #furniture and #cosmetics channels. 
These are the two templates we are using for the collectibles category. It's very intuitive for you because we are explaining everything, from the retail price to the description of the article. Nothing is missing, so this is another way to make money with us. Don't let this sleep because most of the time, people aren't aware of this section. They are more focused on sneakers/streetwear but we help with a lot of other sections too.

The last section is the Investments one. I would not recommend this to every one, since there is a lot of speculations and luck about this. Remember this, always invest money that you can lose. This is very important so you don't have any regrets after doing something wrong. If this isn't for you, just skip to the next part. 

You have five channels there: #stocks, #real-estate, #crypto, #forex and #sports-betting.

stocks.png This goes for stocks. As I mentioned earlier, don't go for this if you aren't sure about what you are doing.

Then, for #real-estate, our man is giving you videos, so check them if you want to invest in that. It can be really interesting for you.

Now, there's the crypto part. It's very intuitive to use since a lot of information is given to you:

#forex follows the same template as #stocks.

is using DraftKings, so if you know about it, it should be easy for you to understand. Otherwise, you can ask the guy posting on the channel.

To conclude this first part, I gave you the three main parts we are covering to help you to make money. From the safest to the unsafest:
Sneaker/Streetwear -> Collectibles -> Investments

Why? Sneaker and streetwear can be sold to people for them to make a collection or wear, so it won't be a loss. Then collectibles are made for reselling and collection so some people should want them. Investments are risky since you don't know how the market can value. It might be stopped tomorrow, who knows. That's why I recommend you to go for this if you have the capital, and only invest what you can lose. Otherwise, skip that.

II/ How to use our tools in order to purchase products with them?

Now you know what you want to purchase, you will need some tools to help you, because we don't want you to buy stuff that will lose you money. Here are some tips for you :

  • Monitors: 
    These are very useful tools that will help you to get a notification at the moment a product is dropping on the website. For example, if a Nike shoe is dropping on a website and if we are monitoring the site, at the moment it will drop, the monitor will send a message in its channel and you can click on the available links. We have a lot of monitors, so use them as much as possible!
  • Autofill:
    I've made a guide on how to use the autofill (check it here) so I won't repeat myself on how to set up and use it. But you need to install this if you don't have bots, it will increase your chances of successfully buy items since you won't have to enter every time your information. 

  • Release channels:
    For each release, we help you with a specific channel with information in it. I mentioned it earlier and explained, so I won't do it there. It's also a tool like the other ones. 

III/ How to sell and make a good profit?

You got your product but you don't know what to do? You can hold it (and pray it will have a better reselling value) or sell it. There's another guide on why you don't sell here so please check this. Be sure to always check the resell prices we are giving you so you don't lose money. Otherwise, if you can't sell on marketplaces, do it the old way: talk to friends, neighbors and print some flyers that you can stick on walls. It might not be easy since it will cost you a little bit of money. 

Moreover, be sure not to lose money even if the reselling price is higher than retailing price because every marketplace charges fees that might change your benefit and may be lower than the price you have paid. 


So now, all we wish is for you to make money thanks to our guide. Please check this again and again if you don't understand something, so you don't miss anything. If you want us to add something to the guide, feel free to tell us!

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