How much money do I need to get started?

You don't know how much money you should start your adventure with JuicedIO? Let us help you!

We would class budget in different "tier" : 
Tier 1: -250$
Tier 2: 250-500$
Tier 3: 500-1000$
Tier 4: 1000-5000$+
Tier 5: 5000-10000$+

• For T1, we recommend you to go for only very profitable releases (+100$ profit) since you don't have enough money to for more than one or two releases. Your budget will increase after some profitable purchases, so only go for that. In addition, you can try to grab collectibles pieces or invest in new cryptos.

• For T2, your budget is slightly better than T1, so you can go for more releases, or buy two pairs of the same release if it's profitable for you. You can focus on different pairs that are releasing but save enough money for the next drops, and don't forget that you also have collectibles and investment parts on the side, which might be very interesting if you know how to use the channels well. 

• For T3, you won't be to care that much about which pairs you want to go. However, don't buy everything without the knowledge or you will just lose money and return to Tier 2 or even 1. You can start to invest in crypto or stocks since it might be interesting and our team is helping you a lot about that. You should focus on a lot of releases so you can resell easier at good prices. Renting a bot can help you to get more pairs.

• For T4, you are very comfortable. You can purchase everything you want (don't abuse or you won't grind the tier ladder) and investments are way much more profitable for you than T3. Get a bot, so it will be easier for you to buy a lot of pairs. Sneakers and streetwear won't be a matter since you can cover a lot of releases.

• For T5, you should split your money into equal parts, one for buy and resell, the other one for investments. All you need to know is to learn about investments as I mentioned earlier. Buying pairs won't be a problem for you, and if you prefer doing this, just go for a good bot, that will help you a lot and gives you more chances to cop. 

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