How do I know if an item is legit?

If you are a member of Juiced, we are doing legit checks for free. All you need to do is open a ticket in #help and ask for a legit check. 



Our legit checker will ask you for pictures if you haven't sent everything, he's the best for this! It's always better to ask for a free legit check than buy and take the risk that the product is fake. 


However, if you are not a member, we suggest you look at YouTube videos with the product you have, so you compare it on your own. If the product is bought from a retailer, there should be a receipt coming with the product. You also have apps, such as "Legit Check" (not an ad), where you have guides and some videos. They also provide paid services for a deeper legit check.



For example, if someone told you he bought from Nike, but gives you pictures with StockX tag and StockX receipt, it's 100% fake. 

Anyways, you should always ask for help (friends or legit checkers) before buying if you are not sure. 


Need any further help? Contact us.

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