TSB has a ton of features within the bot that really sets it aside from a lot of other bots in the same market. They incorporate the basic features you would expect from a bot however, they do have rare features such as a Nike drop calendar, its own cookie generator, and the ability to add profile pics to your Nike accounts. TSB is pretty user-friendly and easy to set up tasks within the bot given the amount of configuration that is available to you. 


To use TSB, you will need to be well prepared. Indeed, this bot uses proxies, good gmails (one click), and enough SNKRS account.  
You should buy them instead of creating yours because it's a very long process. We have both proxies and SNKRS accounts in our weekly bot rentals, so you can get it in complement to the bot.



Calendar Page

The Shit Bot Calendar Page
This is the calendar page that is available within the bot to view all the upcoming releases that the bot supports. For each release, they are separated into tiles with headers separating them apart from each other. Per release you have the image of the shoe with the method the shoe will be released in, then you can view the style color, price, and release date. This is all valuable information to know when using the bot for these releases.



Cops Page

The Shit Bot Cops Page
This is the cops page within TSB and on this page, you can see all successful checkouts made with the bot. Per each cop or successful checkout, you will see an image for the item, the name, the method for the way it was released, the email used to checkout the item, the size of the product you checked out, the time you checked out the time at, the profile you used and actions associated with each checkout.



Order page

The Shit Bot Order Page
This is the orders page within TSB and this works tightly with the cops page. Every order that is within the bot is broken down into a few headers to better manage the orders. The order will be broken down into the product the order is, the order number, the size of the item, the address, the phone number, the email for the order, the date of the order, the status of the order, and the actions associated with the order.



Tasks Page

The Shit Bot Tasks Page

This is the tasks page within TSB which is where you can create tasks as well as view your tasks you have created. All the tasks you create have been categorized into a bunch of headers so you can see everything broken down. The headers are the ID for the task, the method you configure, the product URL, the size of the item, the profile you are going to be using, the account you will be using, the proxy list, the status, and the actions available for your task. At the bottom left of the page, you have a few buttons that are dedicated to affecting all the tasks you have created, such as starting all, stopping all, delete all, and edit all tasks. Towards the top of the page, you have the export button to export your tasks, the import button to import tasks into TSB, and the new task button to create a task.



TSB has a ton of support for its userbase, their discord has a lot of documentation for users to utilize and they have a YouTube channel with a ton of broken down guides dedicated to certain things within the bot. If you are a newcomer to Nike botting you will definitely be able to pick up how to use the bot in very little time.

Where does The Shit Bot rank among other Nike bots?

The Shit Bot operates in the Nike bot market which already is pretty small however, factoring in the fact that developers do find it hard to bot Nike, the bot is right on par with other Nike bots. TSB has its challenges on Nike (like all other bots) but they are quick to find solutions each time, TSB  is a solid start to Nike botting if that’s what’s available to you.


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