• 1) Bot settings
  • 2) Task groups
  • 3) Footsites Task Creation
  • 4) Shopify Task Creation
  • 5) Proxies 
  • 6) Billing profiles
  • 7) Captchas
  • 8) Accounts
  • 9) Download link


I / Bot settings


You have here the settings of the bot. You can change delays for monitor and retry so you won't be spotted. Webhooks are a message from the bot that is sent in the discord channel you have input. You can enable notifications so you are notified on desktop and in the bot. Checkout sounds are basically an audio file that will play if you hit something. You can use Quick Tasks here by choosing your profiles and proxies. Auto solve is about captchas if you have an API and Access key to solve them. Import / Export is useful if you want to migrate to another bot or just copy information.


II / Task groups


Sole AIO is very useful in terms of tasks because you can make groups of tasks. For example, you can regroup different tasks for a release from some websites and start them all/stop them all.


III / Footsites Task Creation


Here is the interface to create Footsites tasks. There are websites and everything helping you because it's very user-friendly. There are no difficulties here. Once done, simply click on "create task" and there you go.


IV / Shopify Task Creation


The same process for the last point, but here, it's for Shopify tasks.


V / Proxies


This tab will allow you to add/import proxies you have. Proxies are very important if you plan to buy a lot of pieces. You can test them by clicking on "Test All" to see if everything is correct. 


VI / Billing profiles


This tab is necessary for you because here, everything related to your information will be stocked. You can add and chose which profiles for which task groups as mentioned earlier. You can also import or export profiles and if you have a lot of profiles, you can search for them in the search bar.


VII / Captchas


Captchas are made for websites to check that you are not a bot. Indeed, you will be able to select pictures that are asked by Google. This section is made for you to set up Captchas. You must use proxies if you want to open multiple captcha solvers. 


VIII / Accounts


Here, you can import and add accounts from websites. It's very useful for drops that need an account to checkout so be aware of this section.


IX/Download link 


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