How can i checkout a bot from the Webstore

As mentioned in our features, we offer free bot rentals. We will drop a link in our announcement channel and all you need to do is to check out the fastest. But how can you do it? Here's our guide to help you with that. 

First of all, go to the Juiced store: (the link should be dropped). When you pass this step, you will have this: 


Here, you have all our bots and accounts/proxies for £0.01, which is free. Then, click on the bot you want (we will use Eve AIO as an example):


Then, you have to click on "Select" to select your rental time:


Once you have done this, click on "Add to cart" and here, you have to enter the given password:


After that, just input your information and you should receive an email some times after this, with the key and a link to download the bot. 


If there is any problem, please contact us through our tickets but don't open too many. Only open one so we can sort it as soon as possible. We are trying to improve this system after each drop in order to help our members. 


Need any further help? Contact us.

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