How do i setup Phantom AIO


  • 1) Settings
  • 2) Supported Stores
  • 3) Tasks
  • 4) Proxy Tester
  • 5) Profiles
  • 6) Download link




Here, you have the interface of the settings tab. You can check everything here and manage most of the stuff of your bot. We can point the fact that proxies are put here and not in a separate section. You also have the notifications (webhook) and also the retry and delay error. This is very simple compared to other bots. You can also renew the subscription for Phantom directly here too, which is very interesting.



II/ Supported Sites

PhantomAIO currently supports these websites: 


FootLocker US/CA/Kids
Champs Sports
Supreme US/EU
Finish Line
JD Sports US
Adidas US/GB/CA
Yeezy Supply
Hibbett Sports




Tasks are easily made in Phantom. You select the store, then enter the URL or the SKU of the product (often given before the drop time), the size, quantity (put 1), and the profile. You can select "Random" size. You can also do multi-sizing, in case you target multiple sizes, a feature that isn't common at all and is very useful. For example, 6,6.5,7,7.5,8,8.5,9 can be put in the Multi Sizing line below, and the task will choose a random size from that range as its size. Then you can select Proxies too.


With this tab, you can see the tasks you have made previously. Right here, you can start them and also stop or delete them all. It's very useful because if the task links are changed, you just need to delete then make again some tasks. You can also import tasks and export them.


IV/ Proxy tester


You can test your proxies to see if they are clipped or no. This is a very common feature so we would recommend you to use that before going for a drop and take an L due to your proxies. 

If your proxies have no problem, you will have a green message: "Good". Otherwise, you will have a red message "Bad".





Here, you can create your profiles. It's not hard at all and works the same as other bots. You need to enter your information and it will create a profile for you. You will use it after creating your tasks.


VI/Download link 


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